What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a fascinating field of study that explores the mechanics and anatomy of human movement. It’s a discipline that uses anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and psychology to help people improve their physical performance and overall health. 

What Is Kinesiology?
What Is Kinesiology? 6

Kinesiology has applications in a wide range of fields, including sports science, physical therapy, nursing, health sciences, education, and more. This article will explain the basics of kinesiology and the various ways it can be used to help people.

What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a field of study that focuses on the science and anatomy of bodily movement and is a discipline that has been used for everything from improving sports performance to understanding musculoskeletal disorders.

In the simplest terms, kinesiology refers to the science of human body movements, including both voluntary and involuntary movements such as muscle, bone, joint activity, force production, and coordination.

Kinesiologists are experts in biomechanics – they understand how forces are applied across tissues to create different types of motions, such as bending or walking. 

The study of kinesiology also covers how muscles generate power and make use of different types of energy sources in order to move.

The Role Of Kinesiologists

So, just what do kinesiologists do? This is a term used to refer to specialists who can help individuals improve their physical performance by analyzing their current muscular condition and developing training programs tailored to individual participants’ needs. They can use their skills in a number of roles, and these include:

Assisting Athletes

One of the most common uses of kinesiology is to help athletes improve their performance in their chosen sport. Kinesiologists can analyze an athlete’s movements, assess their physical condition, and devise a training program that will help them become more powerful, agile, and efficient at their chosen sport.

Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders

Kinesiologists can also be used to help people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, such as arthritis and joint pain.

They can assess the condition of a person’s muscles and joints, design exercises to help improve their flexibility, strength, and range of motion, and provide treatments that can reduce pain and improve mobility.

Improving Quality Of Life

Kinesiology is also used to help people who want to improve their overall health and well-being. Kinesiologists can use their knowledge and skills to help people develop a better understanding of how their bodies move, as well as how they can use exercise and movement to improve the quality of their lives, and this can be very important in roles such as physical therapy and nursing.

Where Can I Work As A Kinesiologist?

Where Can I Work As A Kinesiologist?
What Is Kinesiology? 7

Kinesiologists can work in a variety of different settings, including:


Many kinesiologists find themselves employed in a role within a hospital, and this will involve assessing and treating patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal injuries or disorders.

Sports Centers

Kinesiologists can also be employed at sports centers, where they can help athletes of all levels improve their physical performance in their chosen sport.

Sport or Injury Rehabilitation Centers

Many professionals in this field can also be employed at rehabilitation centers, where they can help people who have suffered an injury or illness (see also “What Is A Pathologist?“) to recover as quickly as possible and return to their previous level of activity.

University And Research Facilities

A less common option is for kinesiologists to work at a university or research facility, where they can help teach and conduct research into the field. This is an important role, as it allows for the further development of this field and can help to improve the quality of life for many people.

With Sports Teams And Organizations

If you are a sports fan, then you may be interested in working as a kinesiologist with a professional sports team or organization. Here, you will be able to use your knowledge and skills to help athletes improve their performance on the field, and can play a key role in helping them achieve success.

Private Practice

Finally, you could also choose to start your own private practice as a kinesiologist. Here, you can take on clients and help them improve their physical performance or recover from an injury or disorder. This can be a lucrative way to use your skills and allows you the freedom to work with the clients you choose.

How To Become A Kinesiologist

How To Become A Kinesiologist
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To practice as a kinesiologist, you will need to complete a degree in the field – this will usually involve completing an undergraduate degree in exercise science or physical education, followed by a master’s or doctorate program in kinesiology.

Once you have gained your qualifications, you will then be able to apply for positions at hospitals, sports centers, and injury rehabilitation centers.

You may also wish to look into setting up your own private practice, and this will involve gaining the relevant licenses and insurance that are required to do so.

Experience is not necessarily required to become a kinesiologist, but it can certainly be beneficial.

Many employers prefer to hire those with experience in the field, as they are more likely to have a better understanding of how the body works and how to provide effective treatments.

Some kinesiologists may also choose to take additional courses or certifications in order to further their knowledge and skill set.

How Much Can I Earn As A Kinesiologist?

The amount of money you can make as a kinesiologist will depend on the particular role you are working in, as well as your qualifications and experience.

Generally, a kinesiologist working in a hospital or rehabilitation center can expect to earn between $35,000 and $60,000 per year, while those who work in private practice may be able to command higher salaries.

Working with professional sports teams can also be lucrative, as you may receive bonuses or other incentives for helping athletes improve their performance, and experts in this area can expect to earn around $90,000 per year, with the potential for this to increase.

Final Thoughts

Kinesiology is a growing field, and there are many opportunities for those looking to make a career in this area.

With a degree in the field and some experience, you can find employment at hospitals, sports centers, or private practices, where you can help people improve their physical performance or recover from an injury or illness.

The amount of money you can earn as a kinesiologist will depend on the type of role you are in, but the potential to earn a good salary is certainly there.

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