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Jason Sullivan - Creator

Hi, I’m Jason Sullivan, and I am a University Career Advisor from Fort Worth, Texas. It is my job to help students, young people, and others find the right career for them. That could include preparing them for interviews, providing insightful information and resources that could help them land their dream job. 

Having worked in this sector for years, I have become very passionate about helping others manage their careers, resumes, and learn about other opportunities and workplaces. 

This is what inspired me to create I wanted to create a space where anyone could learn about potential job opportunities, career paths and more, to find the right future for them. 

Here at, I want to help you. Whether you want to learn more about being an esthetician, phlebotomist, midwife, paralegal, firefighter, you name it- you can find it here. 

Join me, and discover some of the best jobs and workplaces the world has to offer.

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Carrie Sullivan - Writer

Hey, my name is Carrie, and I am now a stay at home mom, taking care of Jason and I’s kids.

Before we had children, I worked in Human Resources for over 8 years! 

I have learned the ins and outs of hiring applicants, job salaries, benefits, training and development and so much more. Therefore, I can offer my advice and expertise to you. 

I like to think of myself as the brains behind the whole operation, but I’m sure Jason will argue with me on that point!

Either way, I can help you with some of my informative articles about different jobs, and what sort of roles and responsibilities you can expect.

If you are looking for inspiration to change your career, or you simply want to look towards your future in a certain sector, then I can take you in the right direction!


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