What Does A Producer Do?

You already know that a movie always involves a producer, but what does a producer do? The producer actually has a lot of involvement with a film – it starts and finishes with them.

What Does A Producer Do?
What Does A Producer Do? 5

A producer plans, manages and coordinates the likes of casting, script writing, directing, financing, marketing, and even the release. They tend to either work as an independent or as part of a production company.

If you are interested to understand what a producer does when it comes to overseeing a Hollywood film, then read on to find out more (see also “What Does An Executive Producer Do?“).

What Is The Job Of A Producer For Movies?

It can be difficult to define the job role of a producer due to the fact that they have a vague job description. The role tends to blur the lines between problem-solver and manager, whether that be for a movie, TV show, or even a commercial.

A producer tends to do a lot of supervising, coordinating and managing. They get to be involved with decisions that are made and the creative output. In fact, a producer may initiate the process in the first place.

A producer who is good at their job will provide the resources needed, the logistics to be able to output work, and the infrastructure to allow the right crew to work on set.

A producer keeps the cogs ticking along to ensure the movie or TV show’s production runs smoothly from start to finish. They will also have connections that they can call upon when needed, and a producer often works long hours to support the making of the movie.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Movie Producer?

As you are probably aware by now, it is difficult to define the exact role of a producer. However, there are particular roles that a producer can play at different stages of production.

Here we shall take a look at what a producer can do when it comes to creating a movie:

Development Stage

At the development stage, a producer often comes up with a story concept, or selects a writer’s screenplay (see also “What Does A Copywriter Do?“). If the producer came up with the idea themself, they may hire a writer to work with to do the screenplay.

They would then need to secure the rights of the screenplay, and then start the process of hiring a director. The director may also have influence over the storyline and the movie as a whole too.

Finances will be discussed and capitol may be raised to finance the movie. Often dropping high profile actors’ names can secure money for production.

A producer is the person who will work alongside different departments and be the mediator when problems arise. They will also be using their own contacts at this stage to build a strong team.

Pre-Production Stage

At this point in the movie making process, the producer will start to think about the potential casting and creative team. They will then hire the best people that they know for the job, as well as secure actors for the roles.

The likes of designers, animators, choreographers, a cinematographer and so on will be hired at this stage. Other things that are put together are salaries, as well as further pitch packages to secure extra finance.

Now that big names are on board, it is even easier to secure money for the project. The producer gets to select who are the heads of specific departments, as well as finalize the shooting schedules and all of the budgets.

If the producer is efficient and good at what they do, it means no time will be wasted. It is a long process however, just like the development stage.

Production Stage

What Does A Producer Do?
What Does A Producer Do? 6

The production should have already been planned with careful consideration and every detail finalized. It should be at a point where the whole of the film crew can follow it and know exactly what their day-to-day schedule is.

It also includes the full budget plan, and everything else that is deemed important. This means the producer is not needed to be on set every single day. However, the producer will be a point of contact, and will work both on and off the set.

They will make decisions when it comes to script changes and budgets. You could say that the producer’s main areas at this stage are logistical, financial, and business related (see also “What Is A Lobbyist?“).

Post-Production Stage

Once the filming has been done it means the post-production stage begins. This is where the producer works alongside the post-production team and the director to finalize the movie ready for release.

Visual effects, post-editing, and adding the soundtrack all take place after filming. If more funding is needed at this stage, then the producer will aim to get it too.

Other things the producer will be doing at this stage is preparing any preview screenings and tests, working through the marketing and distribution of its release, and speaking to the media to create hype about the movie.

Release Stage

The work of a producer is not finished yet. They need to figure out what the marketing strategy is going to be with the marketing team, and figure out what the touring schedule will be like both nationally and internationally – think movie premiere.

They will also need to secure distribution rights, and return any investments from the funding that was given to create the movie. Once everything is completed, then the job of the producer is done. However, they are the ones who keep everyone happy!

Final Thoughts

Everyone knows that a producer is needed on the likes of movies and TV shows, but what exactly do they do? A producer has a big role – far bigger than what you probably imagined.

They are there from the start, all the way to the finish, when it comes to creating something like a movie. They need to be very efficient when dealing with crews, scripts, finances and schedules.

They are also the point of contact for all departments too, making them very important people.

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